WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting

WordPress has become the platform of choice for people and organizations at various stages of their online journeys, starting from new bloggers to enterprises which have a considerable traffic on their websites. To begin with demystification of the term WordPress hosting, first we will define what WordPress is. WordPress can be best understood as a content management system (CMS) or simply, a tool to create and manage a website. This tool is itself written in PHP. It is open source and is often held to be the easiest way to create a blog or a website. Hosting, on the other hand, is the provision of space for websites. For online visitors to be able to access a website it has to be placed somewhere; the servers on which the pages of websites are stored and the services associated with the maintenance, security, updates and reliability of operation of the website are packaged variously in the form of hosting. So, WordPress Hosting means hosting of WordPress websites. WordPress hosting can be of, mainly 4 types, each of which is discussed in short here.

Free WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, it is free of cost and hence, attractive for beginners who are still not sure about how they want to go about their online plans. But for those bloggers or enterprises which wish to develop and expand online, it is not advisable because there are a lot of restrictions such as no placement of ads by self and also, frequent shutdowns.

Shared WordPress Hosting

In this kind, the same server acts as home for a number of websites. The number of visits that such websites can handle per day is limited to around 300 because of the division of the resources and space by multiple websites. Also, there are chances of hogging of bandwidth and speed by some websites such that the others suffer from slow loading speeds. It is best suited for websites which do not expect a lot of traffic and are looking for affordable hosting space. Certain tools which are useful for managing a website, cPanel for instance, are also provided in hosting packages and 1- click installation is there.

VPS WordPress Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual private Server. Here, only a limited number of websites share the server space. Every user account can run multiple WordPress websites and services provided are better. It is costlier than shared hosting but sites load faster and latency is less leading to a better experience for visitors as well as ease for website owners.

Managed WordPress Hosting

In this, the host takes over all the tasks from the website owner who now does not have to worry about technical know-how or wastage of time on upkeep of website. The hosting service provider manages everything from site-backup, security, optimization to updates. The speed is high and hosting is flexible, amenable to high traffic and specially tailored for WordPress. This makes it the costliest of all too; but worth it for large e-commerce firms and high visitor websites which earn because of their size and scale. GPDHost combines the best offers into its managed cheap WordPress Hosting packages to give the best value for money. There are free domains, variable email accounts and MySQL databases depending on the plan you choose.

GPDHost offers free SSD Drives in the various hosting plans along with a smooth and free migration of your website. Our high speed data center ensures unmatched performance of your WordPress website(s). A highly acclaimed team of experts is available 24X7 throughout the year to support our clients and answer any queries.

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