What is Deep web used for?

What is Deep web used for?

The deep web is a huge part of the Internet world, which many of the Internet users are not familiar with. In simple words, it is part of the Internet which is not being indexed by our regular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Deep web supports different search engines which are already a part of the deep web, which means, to dig into the Deep web you will need an especially designed search engine for the deep web.

I have seen that lots of users are being confused between Deep Web and Dark Web. So, let me elaborate some difference. Deep Web is the first layer of anonymous web browsing, which consider being dangerous but many of the deep websites are being used for the good purpose and safe for browsing.

Talking about the Dark web, which is the darker side of the deep web, and accessing to the Dark web, is not easy to access and considered dangerous too. Dark web is being served with an objective to promote crime and providing illegal kinds of stuff at darknet markets. You need to be very alert while digging into Dark Web; also you have to use “Tor Over VPN” to access the Dark web.
Talking about the use of the Deep web, which is completely different and serves for both, good and nefarious purpose. In this article, we will be exposing both the part of the Deep web. This is another big marketplace with high profit and competitions.
1. Drugs – A very huge number of internet users use Deep web for good purpose like buying drugs, which is not easily available. Also, the identity of the user is always been anonymous and they are protected from being tracked by state and private surveillance. Some reports have shown that light drugs are mostly bought from deep web and it’s actually helping people out there. Simply it’s becoming a lifesaver for many users

2. Silk Road – This is an online black market for buying illegal drugs, which is operated by tor hidden servers, and completely safe to browse. Silk Road is very famous because it does not monitor browsing data and completely safe. It is a part of the deep web just because it is helping users to get illegal and rare drugs which are not easily available.

3. Buying Seeds, Mushrooms – the Deep web is helping users to buy some of the very rear seed and mushrooms too. Which, can be really helpful for many people.

Illegal Part of Deep Web

1.Fake Citizenship – Cyber Cell has claimed that some of the deep webs claim to provide citizenship of some nations, which is being used by criminals for nefarious means.

2. Fake Passports – Some Deep web claims to provide fake passports of many nations, now we don’t actually know whether they provide or not, also we don’t support these activities. Providing fake passports is a very serious crime and that’s why FBI keep an eye on the deep web.

3. Drugs – Some of the drug dealers and criminals of this field make use of this deep web to expand their business all over the world.

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