What are Some Common Website Problems?

What are Some Common Website Problems

Over the years, we have come across websites that does not fit in the category of what can be called professionally done websites. Below we present a brief discussion of these problems with the hope that you will ensure that your web development services provider avoids repeating these mistakes.

1. Poor quality design

There are thousands of websites on the internet that have been poorly designed. These unattractive websites are strewn all over the Internet because of the fact that most techies and programmers lack the artistic talent needed to design sleek and catchy websites. This problem is further compounded by the fact that customers assign their web design projects to hobbyists instead of hiring qualified and experienced web development services providers and the result are websites that look ugly.

2. Exposed Email Addresses

Any expert web developer will tell you that it is a big mistake to have your email directly published on your website. Granted, it is important to provide a way through which your clients can reach you for inquiries; however, there is a better way to do it without exposing your business email to automated web crawlers, which have gained notoriety for harvesting emails and sending unsolicited emails from spammers to flood your inbox. Experienced web development services providers use encryption techniques to hide your email from spammers.

3. Failed W3C Markup Validation

W3C is an abbreviation for the World Wide Web Consortium which is tasked with developing standards for the web. Every website owner is supposed to use W3C’s Markup Validation Service to check if their websites are compliant with the standards set by the consortium. There are so many websites on the Web that are not compliant with W3C’s current standards.

4. Broken Links

Broken links are a serious bother to website visitors. Whenever a visitor comes to a website and meets broken links, chances are that such a visitor will not come back to your website. Additionally, Google penalizes websites that are found to be having broken links. The penalty is as a result of Google assuming that you are not updating your site content to keep it current. After having designed a website, you need to engage your web development services provider in maintaining and keeping the website updated to avoid these penalties.

5. Slow Web Servers

Aside from encountering broken links on your website, visitors will also be turned off when they discover that your website loads slowly. The speed at which a website loads depends on servers in which the website is hosted. Some hosting companies offer shared hosting meaning that your website will have to share space with other sites which can run into thousands or tens of thousands. This means that your website is likely to load very slowly thereby turning off many potential visitors from your website.

The problems discussed above can be avoided by ensuring that you work with a qualified and certified mobile app offshore development company who will also advise you on how to ensure that your website performs optimally.

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