Top 10 Fuel Efficient Petrol Manual Cars under Rs. 10 Lakhs

Top 10 Fuel Efficient Petrol Manual Cars under Rs. 10 Lakhs

When it comes to purchasing a car, almost all the Indian buyers look for the significant features i.e. fuel efficiency. The days are gone when buyers used to purchase diesel cars for fuel economy. It is because both petrol and diesel price is almost similar nowadays. As a result, many buyers wish to invest on the petrol cars such as Maruti Baleno because of its minimal initial cost than a diesel car.

Since consumers mind changed towards petrol manual vehicle, manufacturers have also rolled out several new petrol automobiles in the market under the fuel economy segment. Are you searching for the best fuel-efficient petrol manual automobile below 10lakhs? Here, you will find the top 10 petrol vehicles on the market provide maximum mileage.

List of top ten fuel-efficient petrol car under 10 lakhs

Tata Tiago [23.84kmpl]

This Tata model priced from 3lakhs, which has an attractive hatchback. It features the fashionable and realistic interior. The Tata Tigor is power-driven by the 1.2litre 3-cylinder petrol engine, which gets diverse driving modes.

Maruti Alto 8000 [24.7Kmpl]

Alto 800 runs on 48hp, 796cc motor, which makes it lightweight and better fuel economy. It delivers mileage up to 24.7Km/liter. This is the major reason for the popularity of Alto 800 in India. Its showroom price is Rs.2.51lakhs.

Renault Kwid [18.4Kmpl]

The Kwid shares 0.8litre engine along with the Redigo. From its inception, this model has been running successfully in the Indian market. Due to its better mileage and luxurious interior, it becomes the maximum selling car in the Indian automobile market.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio [23.1kmpl]

Celerio is motorized by 998cc petrol entity that generates 90Nm (torque) and 67hp (power). The vehicle has claimed the mileage of 23.1km/l. It is available with the 5-speed manual and AMT gearbox. The price starts from Rs.4.04 lakhs.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno [21.4Kmpl]

Even though Maruti has positioned Maruti Baleno as the premium offering, it features all the important aspects, which Maruti cars are well known for. Baleno starts pricing at 5.36lakhs. It has 84hp, 1.2litre engine and lightweight body.

Hyundai Eon [21.1Kmpl]

Hyundai Eon is not a brand new model in the Indian automobile market. However, its 56hp and the 814cc motor are still one of the best mileage variant. Its price starts at Rs.3.30lakhs.

Tata Nexon [10.60Kmpl]

This model has entered the Indian market as the challenger to vehicles such as EcoSport. A 1.2litre-turbocharged engine powers the vehicle. Additionally, Tata commenced AMT option.

Volkswagen Ameo [11.71Kmpl]

Volkswagen launched Ameo with 1.2litre power unit. It has ability to deliver 108bhp and 250Nm. As a result, it runs 11.71kilometre in a liter. In sub-4 meter compact segment, it is a perfect German alternative.

Ford Freestyle [12.40Kmpl]

It comes with a new 1.2litre three-cylinder engine from Dragon family. The recently developed engine remains the best because of its excellent power figures such as120Nm and 95bhp.

Honda WR-V [12.73Kmpl]

The Honda model is designed especially for Indian markets, which produce mileage of 12.73kmpl. It carries the SUV-like posture along with its outstanding looks.


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