The Top Tech Tools that Students Can’t Live Without

The Top Tech Tools that Students Can’t Live Without

The Internet and technology developments have brought us some amazing things and made our lives so much easier in more ways than can be counted. It has been especially helpful for students in a lot of ways. For example, students can easily get physics homework help without having to leave their home. They can even attend classes from the comfort of their living room.

As a student, whether in high school or college, you know just how vital tech can be to getting through your classes and getting homework done. Without it, you may not be able to access some or all of the course material you need, or you may not be able to make it through a study session without falling asleep. There are a lot of different tech tools out there that you can use to not only get through but enhance their learning experience. Here are just a few that you might not be able to live without:

Laptop, Tablet, or All-in-One

It’s hard to imagine any student getting through school without a laptop, tablet, or something that can function as both. There are tons of different portable devices out there, but there are some that are better for students than others. No matter which you choose, though, it’s a good idea to get one if you want to make your school experience smoother and easier.


Kindles are a great tool that everyone can use, whether in kindergarten or working on a graduate degree. For students, they can be a great way to access textbooks and get them around from class to class easily. Not only does it make it easy for students to keep textbooks in one place and access them at any time, but eBooks tend to be less expensive than physical copies, making it a more affordable option for you as well.

Portable Printer

By using Kindles and eBooks, students can save a lot of space in their book bags, making room for other tech gadgets and tools like a portable printer. Portable printers make it easy to print off and turn in or edit homework no matter where you are. If you’re not at home or in the library, you can still print the docs you need to help you get through the work on your list.

Bluetooth Speaker

Not all Bluetooth speakers are created equal, but when it comes down to it, students can benefit from having one, even if it doesn’t have the very highest reviews. Not only can Bluetooth speakers be used to pump out some tunes and enhance a weekend get together, but it can also be used to help with studies as well. By playing Audible versions of textbooks or other readings required for class, you can work on other things, (like cleaning your room or doing dishes), while still getting homework done.

Wireless Headphones

In addition to a Bluetooth speaker, having wireless headphones can be a lifesaver for students. Headphones can be used to help you listen to your books or enjoy music while you study, even if it’s late at night or you’re working in the library. Having wireless headphones makes it even more convenient, allowing you to move around and grab a snack instead of having to unplug if you want to get up from your computer.

Wireless Charger

With so many mobile devices, it’s important that students have a way to charge them. Whether it be your phone, your laptop, your headphones, your speaker, your Kindle, or anything else, you’ll want to make sure you have a wireless charger that you can bring along to wherever you may need to go to keep your devices charged. Wireless devices are great, but they work best when they have a battery and can be used.

Evernote and its Smart Notebook

Evernote is an app that makes it easy to take notes then organize and archive them in the program. In addition to the app, the smart notebook that they sell makes it easy to take notes in person when needed, then upload them digitally. It’s a program every student can benefit from since taking notes is such a big help during most coursework.

Wireless Mouse

The mice on laptops aren’t always so easy to use, so a wireless mouse is a must for students. Even cheaper wireless mice will do the trick, and you’ll be glad you have it in a class or at a lab that requires a lot of work and movement on the computer.


What student doesn’t need some coffee to get by now and then, or some hot cocoa to warm up on cold nights? A Keurig is a perfect tool to help with that since it makes coffee, or cocoa, in almost no time at all. If you haven’t got one already, consider putting it on your Christmas list.

Netflix or Hulu

Approximately 130 million people already subscribe to Netflix, and plenty of others subscribe to Hulu, Amazon video, and other services as well. While video services can be a distraction for students, they can also offer a much-needed break from the stresses of school, so having a subscription to some video streaming service is something all students can and should enjoy.

What other tech tools can you not live without?

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