The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

Our whole life we are addicted to one thing in common, gaming. We spend days and months completing our favourite game’s story and we get extremely disappointed when we are not able to do that due to any obvious reasons whatsoever.
The world of gaming has been evolving since it first came in existence. Earlier there used to be big video boxes for gaming, then came the revolution of video games where we could connect the consoles to our televisions and enjoy our favourite games which came pre-installed in cassettes. We used to do many things to get our hands on our favourite games, make false promises to our parents that the homework will be completed in time or we will hit the bed early, but that never really happened. Be it Contra, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Mario or Road Rash run etc. we all were die-hard fans of these classics.
Sony looked into the changing market and came up with PlayStation, little did they know that this will change the history of gaming forever. Sony started collaborating with various companies from the gaming industry and started making games which were far more exciting and realistic than the classics ever were. The games on PlayStation were very engaging and gained popularity all over the world. It received worldwide popularity and became the best gaming console in the world. Sony kept innovating and inventing with the changing market and came up with the upgrades such as- PS2, PS3 and PS4. Microsoft was also not behind in the race of gaming consoles as they had their own gaming console in the making, XBOX. These two companies till this date rule the console gaming market.

Then came the era of portable gaming consoles i.e. Gameboys, PSP, Nintendo WII etc. These were portable gaming consoles that one could carry easily and play with anywhere, anytime.

Slowly and steadily, the world of gaming fused in mobile phones as well. Earlier there were basic games on basic mobile phones such as Snakes, Bounce etc which used to have basic graphics but were exciting as they didn’t require any big sized heavy consoles to be played on. With the coming age of smartphones, the games also took a major leap which definitely became the need of the hour. People could play exciting games in there smartphones as well, they didn’t need to buy a consoleseparately to play their favourite games. New smartphones with new features and specifications kept hitting the market and so did the games, people started playing more games on their phones as it was far more convenient and exciting. Many companies have started making smartphones with top features being related to gaming such as graphics, easy to handle, great sound quality etc.

Many people enjoy playing games while travelling in a bus, train etc and they prefer smartphones which make their gaming experience more interesting than ever. One of the main issues with mobile gaming is that many phones are not able to give the experience users want from a game because the smartphone they are using is not made for gaming hence the games lags and create problems. These days people love playing games such as Players Unknown Battleground(PUBG), Fortnite, Mini militia and always prefer buying smartphones whichprovides the best gaming experience and creates a smooth flow of operations. For a mind blowing gaming experience, people need a smartphone in which have the required specifications. They should come with the right screen size, possess great battery power, must have a strong and powerful processor and should consist of sufficient amount of ram and storage. Finding such phones can become a headache sometimes, especially in a country like India, where everyday a new phone is launched with great specifications. If you’re a gamer and are looking for a phone that can evolve your gaming experience and push it to an extremely new level than you need to be very careful before finalising your purchase.  In order to help you get to your right choice we have shortlisted a few brands you can trust when it comes to buying a gaming smartphone. These brands offer one of the best gaming phones in the industry and know how to impress their users with the best in class specifications. For example, Panasonic India Smartphones not only creates phones with the best and technically advanced specifications but also keeps them under your budget, so that you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy your gaming experience.

Following are a few smartphones and their brands which offer the best in industry gaming friendly specifications and technicality.

Panasonic Eluga Ray 550The latest smartphone by Panasonic comes with a 5.7 inch HD+ display and 3 GB RAM for you to have a breath-taking gaming experience. To know more about Panasonic Smartphones and their features, click on this link

One Plus 6-
This flagship by One Plus comes with a 6-inch HD display and the required specifications for a stellar gaming experience.

Oppo F7 and Realme1
are also some other brands considered to be the best for gaming, as they have the required specifications which lead to a wonderful gaming experience.

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