The 8 Best Gadgets for Enjoying a Healthier Lifestyle this Year

The 8 Best Gadgets for Enjoying a Healthier Lifestyle this Year

Getting in shape and have a healthier lifestyle is undoubtedly one of the New Year resolutions we all take. The starting days act being more health conscious. From yoga to gym and redox diets, we adopt every mean to get in shape and be stronger than ever before. However, with time, we either get bored or so much engrossed in our daily routine that we ditch the workout and other health-related activities. In short, we hardly continue going with our fitness resolution for hardly a week or a month.

If you are one of those who has bid ‘GoodBye’ to these activities because it was boring or you don’t have enough time to go the gym, here are some of the gadgets you can use to fulfil your resolutions, i.e. kickstart your health regime:

Apple Watch Series 3

The latest version of Apple’s smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 3 is known for simplifying lives by providing a myriad of options, including measuring heart rate, tracking swimming efficiency, handling calls, and sharing data. The device also run third-party apps developed by experienced healthcare developers to make your experience healthier and fitter. Besides this, the gadget enables users to use their existing phone number on the watch, which means they can stay connected with the world even when they do not have their phone with them.

Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit’s latest smartwatch-plus-activity tracker is one of the fitness devices to count your heart rate, movement and sleeping routine. Tied on the wrist, the device has an inbuilt Fitbit Coach app along with various third-party applications designed by the top mobile app development companies to make your experience seamless and effective. Although it is not even close to Apple’s smartwatch in terms of experience, its extended battery lifetime feature makes it remain in the limelight in the healthcare industry.


If your prime focus is on losing weight and flaunt your best features, this band is just for you! The band employs vestibular stimulation to trigger that part of the brain which deals with fat storage and metabolism. It encourages an increase in metabolism while limiting your appetite, and the best part is that you can use it while sitting or relaxing.


Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) – one of the latest trends in healthcare, the platform is the right one to prefer so as to control your calorie intake. By snapping a picture of your meal plate, you can get to know how much calories you have taken based on which you can plan your next step. Besides, the software also works with smartwatch and provide guidance regarding the amount of water to take and gain required energy level without hitting the gym.

Sleeping Trackers

A good sleep makes your body healthy and helps in regaining energy. If you are afraid to be suffering from sleep deprivation, this is the best gadget to buy. As depicted by the name, the sleep tracking apps and devices are used to track your sleeping order. With the insights gained, it provides a detailed information with which you can enhance the quality of your sleep and improve your overall health. Besides, it also customizes your alarm plan to ensure that you have a proper sleep.

Bionic Gym

It is yet another amazing wearable device to add to your cart. The gadget allows you to burn calories in the easiest manner – while sitting on your sofa or desk even. Bionic Gym, invented by a doctor, is a tested and proven device that renders you easy to intense workout options without making you feel the need of going the gym.

Google Fit

Integrated with your phone, this gadget let you track your activities – right from walking to running, cycling, and other physical activities. The device offers real-time stats for every activity you perform and record every single data. With the insights gained, it prepares a goal plan for you so that you achieve your fitness goal at the earliest and in the most effective manner.

Besides, the device also connects with other health and fitness mobile applications like Strava, MyFitnessPal, Sleep as Android, Xiaomi Mi Bands and Runkeeper to easily aggregate data at one place and get effective services.


Whether you are a cool guy or a corporate employee, this AI-based trainer will surely blow your mind. With the help of bio-sensing earphones, this fitness trainer will study your health and routine and provide personalized and motivating experience. It will evaluate the time you need to hit your goal and give real-time advice during the workout so that you could get the best of the time. With the integration of Google Fit, Spotify and GPS connection, Vi makes the fitness time more fun and effective.

Hitting the gym and spending time in other health-related activities in the mid of highly-occupied work life is quite difficult for all. However, with the aforementioned health and fitness related tech gadgets, you can easily maintain a balance between your body and routine.

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