Should you stick to prepaid?

Should you stick to prepaid

Prepaid plans are best for phone users who don’t have a very heavy usage, and who want affordable monthly payments for a wide range of benefits.

The earliest mobile phones came to India in the mid-1990s. It was a thrilling time for all – you could now move from spot to spot and be connected to your contacts via a portable phone device. It was a major departure from fixed landline connections. The very first phone connections were purchased by high net worth individuals and business entities. Slowly, the general public started using mobile phones as well. Most new users had prepaid plans to curtail usage of the phone only to calling and texting.

Today, almost every person in the country has a mobile phone in their hands. Most people who were initially sceptical about using mobile phones, were put off by the high costs of incoming and outgoing calls. Over the years, incoming calls were made free by all mobile service providers. Meanwhile, outgoing call costs were also curtailed heavily. Today, most mobile providers charge in the range of 10 paise to 50 paise per minute of outgoing calling. Leading providers like Airtel have unlimited calling and texting capabilities.

However, a lot of users have switched to postpaidplans. But that is not to say that prepaid plans have outlived their utility. In fact, they are the first choice of students, homemakers, those in the service industry, etc. Leading mobile providers like Airtel have the choicest prepaid plans that are cost effective and packed with beneficial features. You can select the best prepaid plan if your usage is low and if you want easy top up and recharge options. This is how –

  • Tie up with reputed mobile service providers like Airtel. Airtel has the best prepaid plans at the moment, across mobile providers.
  • Study the available plans by the provider, comparing all the available plans side by side. This gives you a fair idea of the monthly pack charge, features, add-on benefits, current offers, etc. Ideally, there should be a choice between at least three prepaid plans.
  • Study the features and benefits of each plan. For instance, if you choose the Rs495 ‘Everyone gets everything’ prepaid plan from Airtel, you get 84 days’ validity, and unlimited local, STD and roaming incoming and outgoing calls. There is 1 GB data to be consumed every day, and 100 SMSs. Other great packs cost Rs 181 and Rs 449.
  • The prepaid plan must be easy to recharge and top up. Avoid plans that do not send alerts about usage, or which cannot be recharged easily online (website or the mobile provider’s app). The same conditions apply to top up also.
  • Find out if your prepaid plan may be included in a larger family package. For instance, the Airtel Family Plan includes all the family members’ plans under a single plan. This saves up to 20% on the monthly spends. Usage is also easy to monitor per member.
  • Airtel also offers amongst the fastest data speeds in India.

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