Seven Colour Crazes In Website Design

Seven Colour Crazes In Website Design

People organise visual stimuli more than 50 000 times faster than text! This means that the visuals of your website are by far the most effective when it comes to influencing your potential customers. It is then needless to say that colour should be one of the core elements of your website design. You can click here to read about the other key elements that you can use to improve your website design.

Here are seven colour crazes that website designers have recently gone crazy with when designing websites.
Designs influenced by the 80s and 90s

Get ready to say hello again to dramatic shades and vivid palettes. Website designers are being more adventurous by using contrasting colour schemes to come up with one unforgettable visual experience. So, know that it is indeed possible to use unusual colour schemes while still remaining trendy.

Think more pink

As pink is no longer linked to only a specific gender, shades of pink are becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays it is seen as one of the most versatile colours that can add a sense of playfulness to your website.

It might not be the new black (yet), but it is definitely a new neutral colour. So, be sure that you add patches of pink to your pages.


Gradients have enjoyed a revival in recent website design trends. Website designers are using gradients in various ways that include vivid user interfaces, illustrations and backgrounds.


Nowadays websites are flaunting vivid and contrasting colours to create the effect of duotone. With the help of two-toned images, your website design can successfully grab the attention of potential customers.

Very violet

It is rather difficult, not to mention risky, to use purple in your website design as users have very specific responses towards different shades of purple. In short, they either hate it or love it. So, it is no mean feat to use a purple palette in your website design successfully.

Even though it poses many challenges, purple and violet are enjoying popularity as these two colours serve as a symbol for artistic finesse and a set of values that are opposed to the prevalent conventions.

Using colours as indicators

Who said that colour cannot be functional in website design too? Well, website designers have started to utilise colour to serve as indicators and cues of how visitors should interact with the website.


One of the most popular website design crazes currently is brutalism. As a result, there are many curious and clashing colour palettes to be seen in website design.

These seven colour crazes prove that website design is currently embracing bold colour schemes. And why not? In the past websites could only use limited colours because of the technology of that time. Now, thanks to all the advancements that have been made, our mobile devices boast screens that can display colours that are more intense, shades that are richer and levels of saturation that can adapt to expressions that no one could have envisioned.

However, that being said, website designers should still use colour carefully as you want to distinguish your website from all the others, yet you still want it to be remembered for all the right reasons.

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