Running a Virtual Private Network For Your Business on your Mac

Running a Virtual Private Network For Your Business on your Mac

Even though the Mac is a high-end personal computer that a lot of business owners who are operating their business online use, they still face security-related challenges. Virtual Private Network is an answer to these issues. When your device gets connected to a VPN, you can hide your IP address, so that no one on the web knows about your identity. This is why location spoofing, encrypted connection etc are some of the other benefits provided by VPN services to a business.

About Virtual Private Network

A VPN is considered as a set of computers that are networked together over the internet. These connected computers seem to be an imaginary version of a safe, physical network. As the devices are linked to each other, it becomes easy to share information among them.

By using the best Mac VPN networks out there, one can be ensured of secure internet traffic with encrypted connection over less secure systems. A VPN ensure a high level of security to systems where existing network infrastructure is not able to provide it.

How does a VPN provider help in implementing this network?

If you find the process of setting up of VPN on your Mac to be difficult, then you can take help of a VPN provider. You will find several VPN vendors who will understand your business needs and provide you with the best suitable system.

Free VPN service

Most VPN providers provide a free tier that is assisted with advertisements while you are connected. Though they provide you with a safe connection, they can track your activities to provide contextual advertisements. This free version also has a specific restriction on data, with allowances ranging from 500MB to 10GB or unlimited in a few instances.

Paid VPN service

If you wish to have VPN service for your business, then it is suggested that you must choose a paid service. You will find different subscription models that vary in price. There is a wide range of prices since VPN providers that are using a bigger number of servers with thousands of IP addresses have bigger expenses.

When you select a VPN provider for your MacBook or iMac, ensure that they list all connection protocols that they use. Go through the terms of service and privacy policy diligently. If you find them tracking your online activities or collecting your data, then it is advised to look for another company. Learn about the number of connections that are supported at a single time. If it is for small business then ensure that you are not using a single-use only plan.

My advice is to read offers carefully, especially the terms and conditions written in the small prints.  Most of the providers offer a free trial. So, if you find the service to be useful, then the best option would be to hire them on an annual contract. References could prove to be useful when selecting an appropriate VPN Provider.


It is important to understand that VPN is as important as an internet connection for your business. It is a technology that is proven to make communications and resource sharing secure between distributed users. Whether you are a single operator working alone on your OS X device or a small business with several employees, you can use it as an affordable alternative to WAN.

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