Remotely Monitor Whatsapp With Theonespy

Remotely Monitor Whatsapp With Theonespy

Social media apps can be a huge headache when you are caught in a situation when you have to deal with a person or a group of people that are addicted to social media apps namely Whatsapp. Using Whatsapp like an addictive drug is much more common than you might think since the app has billions of user and it in the top list of most popular apps. Whatsapp did to SMS messaging over the Internet what Skype did to telephonic calls. Both of the apps are inexpensive and highly effective means of communication. But their use all over the world has become a problem at workplaces, schools; inside cars while driving, parking lots and even in the houses. There are very few remote scantly inhabited places in the world that are free of this menace and mania. As their use is spreading like wildfire there can be three scenarios in which the social media apps can be monitored for misuse.

  • When you are a parent and you need to monitor your kids.
  • When you are a spouse or a lover and you are in doubt of being cheated behind your back.
  • When you are a businessman, entrepreneur, employer or a manager managing a team or teams of people and you need to keep them stay focused on work.

When you have any of the above-mentioned responsibilities, you need to keep things under control and come up with solutions that keep your family safe and your business running. The biggest asset that can help you in such scenarios is information. Information about your children’s online as well as offline activities. The threats, dangers, and pitfalls that they face as a challenge online like minors they may fall into a trap of acquiring a habit of watching porn or nudity online, they may get trapped by a drug trafficker and end up spoiling their lives.

As a spouse you may have worries about your husband, wife or someone in a relationship may be cheating on you by committing sexual or emotional infidelity.  It can be a very heartbreaking situation and you have to stay on top of that to get over with.

If you are an entrepreneur, businessman or a manager employing a team of people, you need to be informed about what your employees are doing and that can be done by keeping your subordinated employees under observation and monitoring their online and offline activities to take key decisions that can make or break a deal.

In all the above three scenarios that are mentioned above, people can dilute your influence and even harm you just by using Whatsapp. The usage of Social Media applications like Whatsapp has never been all hunky dory. The inappropriate and improper usage of Whatsapp can destroy your home or work life in a matter of days if you are not well informed through a spy app named as TheOneSpy.

How Does TheOneSpy work to Monitor WhatsApp?

TheOneSpy has two modules. One module consists of a spy app that instantly gets downloaded on a mobile, computer or tablet device once you connect the target device with the Internet using a web browser. Once done you will get a private account on the monitoring end of TheOneSpy web portal. The monitoring web portal is the other module of TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy puts your kids, spouse or a lover and your employee devices under strict observation 24/7 when they use WhatsApp or a host of other social media apps. The activity done on WhatsApp can be intercepted using TheOneSpy in the following three different ways.

  • WhatsApp VoIP logs
  • WhatsApp Live Screen Recording
  • IM logs
  1. WhatsApp VoIP logs: WhatsApp VoIP logs is a feature of TheOneSpy that can provide you a wealth of metadata information of every call that is made, received or missed with WhatsApp along with the phone number, dates, time and contact information that can be copied or printed directly from TheOneSpy portal. The information can also be downloaded in CSV, Excel and PDF file formats.
  2. WhatsApp Live Screen Recording:WhatsApp Live Screen Recording is a feature when activated will capture the recording of the screen via Spy app. The captured recording is also transferred to the monitoring end of TheOneSpy where you can watch and download the recording.
  3. IM logs: The IM logs or the Instant Messenger logs is a feature that captures all the text chat of the WhatsApp and displays it on the monitoring end of TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy provides you a firm grip on the WhatsApp communication that takes place on this popular platform. WhatsApp spy app also offers many features that are up to 250+ in numbers that help you to stay well informed about your family and work.

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