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With a pay-for-performance model, membership can be a very powerful web marketing tool. However, to set up an effective affiliate program , it is not only the best banners and the best will, it is necessary to put in place a strategy to boost this program over the long term, attract affiliates and weave a real relationship with them.

We spent some time studying membership in the United States and here is a series of tips that we think you would find useful.Affiliation was invented in the United States by Amazon.

  1. Look at your competitors’ affiliate programs

Also look at those from similar sectors to yours and think of ways that you can implement for your affiliate program is more attractive. The website proposes to see which programs and models of remuneration adopted by advertisers. With the right Hustle Life this is possible now.

  1. Pay your affiliates properly for their efforts

This is one of the most important points. Indeed, the affiliates being motivated by the remuneration, if you bring them less than your competitors, why would you choose them?

Example: If you are thinking of offering a 10% commission on the sales of your products and your competitors pay 30% for referrals, you risk losing affiliates who will adopt your competitor’s program.

The affiliate pays you 30% commission every month for all the customers. The affiliator continues to pay you 30% per month as long as the customer remains registered with the Club.

  1. Offer commissions on the lifetime of the customer

This means that you will pay your affiliates not only for the 1stpurchase made but on all the following! Your affiliates will be aware of the power of commissions over the lifetime of the customer and will work hard to promote your products and send you as many future customers as possible.

  1. Do sub-affiliation (“two-tier”)

The principle is close to sponsorship: In addition to the revenues generated by the percentages on the sales of the customers they send you, the affiliates can recruit other webmasters, who become their sub-affiliates. With each order credited by one of their sub-affiliate, they also receive a commission. Reward your affiliates by giving them a commission on the sales of people they report to your affiliate program.

  1. Do not leave your affiliates helpless

Provide lots of banners of different formats to your affiliates so they can use them to promote your products. Indeed, many sites are unique and it is up to the advertiser to create as many banners as possible by his agency to adapt to affiliate sites. The formats can be very varied so enjoy and decline.

In conclusion, we would say that we must not forget an important point for some sites. Admit that your site is not made for affiliation. Indeed, some affiliate platforms will not tell you but not all sites are made for affiliation.

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