Make Your Website More Stunning

Make Your Website More Stunning

Hello friend. This time I will discuss how to Create Your Websites more interesting to look and perfect.

So, there are some tips that you can apply to improve your Web Design for the better, that is as follows:

Make a Professional Logo

Logo is a very important element in a website. As Tiffany Monhollon says:

“Your logo is an important part of your brand, so make sure it’s located prominently on your site.”

Use Intuitive Navigation

Intuitive here means easy to use. A navigation inside the website is usually on a page. Usually important pages are placed in the top navigation.

For pages or links (links) that are not too important, usually placed at the bottom (footer).

Why is intuitive navigation so necessary? Try to imagine as a user of a website. If you need information with a limited time, of course you yourself will be upset if a website is not working as it should, and the navigation on the website is difficult to use.

Do not add anything that is not important

Avoid using something that does not fit its function. Users will mess around with your website if you add too many features that are not in accordance with the website that you created.

For example, avoid using the clock widget (clock) that is usually placed in the sidebar. Because of what? Users do not need it.

Or for example you put the same navigation in two different places. Try to set your navigation according to priority and do not let the user mess around with the navigation you create.

Use the appropriate colors.

Remember that web pages, by their nature, are international. Even if you intend your page to a particular country or region will be visible to others. And so you should be aware of what color choices you use on your web page say to people around the world. When you create a web color scheme you need to keep in mind the color symbolism.

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