Levi’s Launches The First Jacket Integrating The Jacquard Project

Levi's Launches The First Jacket Integrating The Jacquard Project

In March, Levi’s and Google announced the future launch of a new product combining fashion and technology: a jacket connected , based on the Jacquard project. The release was announced by the end of 2017, which is now done, as the jacket will be available in the US in the week and in 3 stores selected for the occasion.

The Jacquard project is a technology that was launched in ATAP laboratories of Google, equivalent of Google X in less secret . The goal of the Jacquard technology was to make any fabric touch and connected. A challenging challenge that Google now seems to have taken up with this new jacket: Levi’s Commuter Trucker .

The jacket resembles any typical denim jacket sold in the well-known jeans brand boutiques. Only visible difference, a removable dongle , small object similar to a USB key, which clings to the front of the left sleeve . It is among other things thanks to this object that the user can control his jacket. Without it, it becomes again any basic garment and can even be passed to the washing machine.

This product is aimed directly at cyclists, at least users who do not necessarily have the time to go through their mobile to do simple actions . Thus, the Jacquard technology makes it possible to carry out several maneuvers without having to take out his mobile. The jacket works thanks to an application (iOS and Android) connected in bluetooth, that must be configured beforehand. In the list of possibilities, the user can for example: change the song, take a call, activate his GPS … And this directly thanks to the touchpad located in the same place as the dongle, left sleeve. Thus, the user has only to choose which gesture (a double touch , a swip, etc.) will match what action. It can also configure the app to receive calls and text messages only from specific people.

Ivan Poupyrev, Google’s project manager, said the firm ” wanted to make a garment, not a gadget, ” which explains why the list of proposed actions is not endless. The vocation of this connected garment is, ultimately, to simplify the daily actions of a user. The jacket will be sold for $ 350.

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