Keep These Items in The Fridge to Prolong Their Life

Keep These Items in The Fridge to Prolong Their Life

People buy fridge in order to preserve their perishable items so that they remain fresh and usable for a longer time. However, there are few items that are necessary to be stored in the fridge whereas few items should not be stored in it. In this article, we shall talk about those items that are necessarily be stored in the fridge.

Following are the list of items that can be stored in any Haier , Godrej  or any other kind of fridge.

  1. Nuts

You can store any kind of nuts however cashewnuts and Brazil nuts in particular must be stored in the fridge. If these items are allowed to remain in hot environment then its oxidation may speed up as these nuts contain saturated fat. By keeping them in the fridge, it will be possible to maintain its moisture. Due to this reason its flavour will remain tasty and also it will last much longer.

  1. Flowers

Most of the florists can manage to keep their flowers fresh by storing them in the fridge. In order to maintain their flavour and fragrance, you must sprinkle or spray some water on the flowers and then store them in the fridge. If you keep the flower vase with water and keep the flowers on it then its life can be prolonged.

  1. Eggs

Many people often debate whether it is necessary to store eggs in fridge because in most of the food stores they are not stored in the shelves. However, the point to be noted is that in most of the food stores and supermarkets the temperature is much cooler than our homes. Therefore, if you keep eggs inside the fridge then certainly the eggs will remain fresh and useable. As per the recommendation of British Lion Eggs, eggs must always be stored under 20ᵒ C, and therefore fridge is the right place to store.

  1. Foundation

You may feel awkward to store your make-up items in the fridge however as far as your foundation is concerned, fridge is the best place to store them. Due to the cold temperature, the oil content in it will not be spoiled. However, try to store foundation in such a location so that it may not get spilled in your food.

  1. Sauces

Like eggs, sauce and mayonnaise should also be stored in cool atmosphere and people may debate that they are kept in open environment in any shops. The similar arguments also hold true for this item too like eggs.

  1. Probiotics

Most of the medicines, injections including probiotics must be kept in the fridge. However, it is recommended to read the guidelines for storage, that is usually written on the labels.

  1. Syrups

Syrups and chocolate are another item that should be kept inside the fridge in order to prolong their life.

  1. Cooking oils

If the cooking oils are kept outside then there are chances of becoming rancid due to heat of the kitchen.

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