Increase Your Profits and do Less Work With Tekmetric Auto Repair Software

Increase Your Profits and do Less Work With Tekmetric Auto Repair Software

What are your business goals for the year? The majority of business owners want to grow their customer base and increase their profit margins. These are great objectives, and they are very achievable if you know how to get there. Unfortunately, a lot of auto shop owners feel as if they are chasing a rabbit around in circles and not getting anywhere. It’s easy for this to happen when you don’t have the proper systems in place to push your objectives forward, and the latest auto repair software can help you to do so.

Time is money

Business process take time, and if you want to generate more profit but do less work, you are going to have streamline your daily activities in a way that saves time. One of the processes that an auto repair shop most likely performs on a daily basis is generating estimates. A technician is required to examine the vehicle to establish what needs fixing; the technician then needs to talk to the service writer and then work out how much parts and labor will cost. Depending on the extent of the repair or damage, this process can take quite a long time, and as we all know, time is money! The auto repair software will help to cut down this process.

Check in digitally

Instead of using a manual checklist, the software will allow you to handle the estimation process digitally. As soon as the information has been inputted into the system the service writer and everyone else involved will have access to it. Everything operates through one platform which means that the process will run a lot more efficiently.

Ordering Parts

Making phone calls to compare prices, trying to find the technician that made the order and trying to rectify mistakes are just a few of the many hiccups that can happen when you are trying to order parts. The auto repair software will eliminate these issues and speed up the process by taking full control of the process digitally.

Communicating with customers

How much time do you and your employees spend talking to customers and clients on the phone. Whether its reminding them of appointments or chasing invoice, this is one of the many time consuming activities that you want to eliminate. The auto repair software sends out text messages and emails to your customers reminding them of appointments, bills and vehicle collections. The system also automatically send reminder notices to clients about unpaid invoices.

So, now that you have all this riveting information, you probably want to know how much the auto repair software is going to cost you. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! However, that’s only if you hurry up get in on the action. The software is free for the rest of 2018! There are no signup fees, no monthly fees, and no cancelation fees! You won’t have to pay a dime for the remainder of the year. If you want to get your business on track, we suggest that you take up this offer before its too late.

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