Inbound Markiting: How To Use It To Find Niche Leads?

Inbound Markiting

In some specific, complex niche BtoB business lines, there are relatively few absolute clients, and skilled contacts are difficult to “capture”. Especially when targets are members of the executive committee, or even directly the CEO. And when you reach a new geographical area, with very few contacts, it complicates the task.

Fortunately, Inbound Marketing can be very useful for creating a qualified leads file.


The Inbound Marketing can be perfectly adapted to this type of problem. Why ? As an expert in your field, what is the first step you take when you have a problem to solve? Exchange with your collaborators, and do some research on the internet of course. Well you are not alone in this case! According to a study published in 2014 [1] , 72% of B2B buyers report using social media to search for a purchase solution. And it’s a bargain! Because the whole concept of Inbound Marketing is based on digital marketing. But like the digital marketing approaches launched in one shot, in a destructured or disorderly way, the Inbound approach uses these same digital levers, but in a very organized and very sequenced way, in order to ensure to capture all potential prospects who might be interested in the niche business in question.

Let things in order … The Inbound Marketing is a methodology of modern and innovative digital marketing, which aims to recruit qualified visitors and convert them into leads. This approach is being used more and more by start-ups and SMEs, but also by larger groups, which have a strong need to diversify their client portfolio, recruit new clients, or establish a base of prospects …

To be sure to attract these “skilled” visitors, a whole strategy of publishing personalized and relevant content (blog articles and white papers) is put in place . In parallel with these publications, it is advisable to optimize the natural referencing of sites and blogs in order to have visibility among the natural results of Google, as well as to promote on social networks or via media pay.

In summary, the more you publish interesting content, the more authority you have on your subjects of expertise, and the more you will go back to SEO (Search Engine Research Page). In fact, as soon as a potential prospect makes a query on any of these topics, even in a niche area, it will most likely end up on your site or on your blog.


In order to implement a successful Inbound methodology, adhering to the different steps of the Inbound methodology is not enough. To attract prospects, especially in niche businesses, it is important to follow the following steps:

  • Well define the target personas , and especially get to know them, have in mind their professional interests as well as their problems and challenges. In complex business, it is not always an easy task and an excellent customer knowledge is therefore necessary . To do this, the help of sales people, who are in direct contact with customers, can be effective.
  • Define an editorial strategy for relevant blog articles and premium content. The success of the Inbound campaign depends on the relevance of this editorial strategy . It is therefore necessary to think it in depth and to check with the target customers that this corresponds well to the questions they arise.
  • Choose keywords , as well as long, relevant queries, that is, used by customers and prospects, and use them in content. It’s primordial ! These keywords will have to be used in a “smart” way in the web writing of all the contents , in order to optimize the referencing of your media. Finding the right keywords in business where there are few volumes of research is not easy. The classic Semrush or Answer the public tools will have little use. It will therefore be necessary to find other ways … Interviews with customers, in-depth exchanges with sales representatives can be an effective way of getting closer to the “truth”.
  • Publish VERY regularly . Ideally at least twice a week for blog posts, to create a dynamic and promote natural SEO. The objective is to have your content and publications appear in the first positions of the SERP as soon as the identified keywords are searched by a prospect.
  • Use Linkedin or Twitter Professional Social Networks to promote publications. The ideal is to count on average 2 Linkedin publications per week, and 8 to 10 tweets per day.


Finding prospects on new territories with a niche, complex and specific business is the problem encountered by Cegedim Insurance Solutions . The company, leader in France with its software package Health Activ’Infinite, has a very large client and prospect file. On the other hand, for its international development, following the takeover of the British company Activus, the problem is different.

With no local partnerships in most of the target territories, the recruitment of prospects is complex. This is why Cegedim Insurance Solutions has decided to set up an Inbound Marketing campaign , and establish a strong relay with international salespeople.

Key steps taken by Cegedim Insurance Solutions include:

  • The creation of a website and an international blog , in order to have a showcase of promotion and dynamics around innovative subjects and interest for the target personas, focused on key topics of interest in the sector: innovations in health insurance .
  • The development of generalist content , that is to say, corresponding to the “awareness” or “awareness” stage of the client’s journey, in order to reach potential prospects as widely as possible.
  • The investment in the promotion via Social Media , to create momentum around all created resources.
  • And finally, the involvement of international sales representatives in every stage of implementation of the Inbound approach . The ultimate goal is to embark the teams in this business project, create motivation and support for the project, and embark on the Inbound adventure …

With the launch of this Inbound campaign in the coming year 2017, Cegedim Insurance Solutions has ambitious goals and hopes to conquer the new international markets faster.

If you would like to be accompanied to launch an Inbound Marketing campaign, do not hesitate to contact the Markentive team of experts by clicking below.

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