How to Use Movavi Video Converter to Covert Your MP4 Videos to AVI

Movavi Video Converter to Covert Your MP4 Videos to AVI

Many people want to convert their MP4 videos into AVI because AVI provides a much higher quality and more details can be seen in the video. Windows does not provide you with any free tool to convert the videos to other formats so you have to get the video converter software yourself. You only need a basic video converter software like Movavi Video Converter to convert your MP4 videos into AVI. Movavi Video Converter has an easy to use interface that allows you to access all the features and navigation menu easily.

To convert MP4 to AVI, you must first pay a visit to the Movavi site and get the Movavi Video Converter downloaded to your computer. When it is installed, you have to load your MP4 video files by selecting the Add Media > Add Video. You can press the Ctrl key down while selecting multiple video files. All the video files that you load will appear in the open area. You can scroll down to see if all the video files that you want to convert have been loaded.

Movavi Video Converter not only can be used to convert MP4 or AVI files but it also support many other formats. It includes the Movavi Video Editor which can be opened by clicking on the Edit button. It also has a small preview area that let you preview the video files that you opened. Once the files are opened, you can get a brief overview on details like file size, codec and availability of subtitles.

When all the MP4 videos are loaded into the open space, you must select the Video tab and choose AVI from the list. To find the AVI thumbnail faster, you can enter the keyword AVI into the search box on the top right and hit the enter key. The AVI option will then appear in the Video tab. There are many AVI presets to choose from. Some of the presets feature super speed conversion which allow it to be converted at a faster speed.

Each preset has a different resolution for example 360p and 480p. You must keep in mind that higher resolution means larger file size. Therefore, if you want to choose the higher resolution, you must make sure you have enough space on your hard disk to save it. Finally, you must select the folder icon at the bottom to bring up the dialog box and choose the destination folder.

Movavi Video Converter offers the merge files feature that allows you to merge all the video files into a single video files. You can also select the video clips individually and check the merge files option to merge them into a single movie file in the destination folder.  When you are ready to save the video files, you simply press the blue Convert button to start the conversion process. While it works on converting the video files, it will show a progress bar. When the progress bar reach 100%, it will automatically open the destination folder.

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