How to improve your work desk

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The area you work in reflects the type of person you are. Co-workers are known for judging you based on your desks and its settings. A clean and concise desk represents a positive image for you while a messy desk shows that you are a lazy kind of a person. Hence, you must avoid such kind of impression and try to make your desk more clean and green.

The way you keep your desk does not only affect the impression factor, but it also costs you precious time. Being disorganized is one of the major factors of low productivity and you spend more time in finding the needed document rather than thinking creatively about it. A clean desk makes everything findable and easier to work with as who wouldn’t want to work on a tidy desk?

Ways to improve your work desk experience:

Bring Art around you!

Putting up artwork in the workplace helps you think creatively and promotes the feeling of calmness around you. Clients also find them interesting, and it serves as a great talking point. Hence, displaying artwork has more benefits than just aesthetic benefits.

Light it in:

You’ve been under artificial light for way too long; now it’s time to absorb something natural. Proper ventilation and good lighting help in boosting employee productivity, job satisfaction and reduces the absenteeism. It further promotes mood, reduces depression and more.

Go green:

Using plants to decorate the workspace area would improve your mood as well as productivity. The green factor would add a slice or nature in your place, and you can always look at it to find peace and calmness.

If you sometimes go ‘all in’ by regularly misplacing your stuff, a tray would be the best fit for you. Keep your keys, wallets, loose belongings, etc. in a tray to easily find them again when needed.

Use a USB drive:

Working in an office may be too easy if you’re doing what you love. But if you are unable to keep track of your data, you might find your job a bit difficult. Hence, carry with yourself a USB drive so that whether at workplace or home, you can easily re-access your data without wasting any time. If the data stored on a USB drive is confidential, don’t forget to password protect usb drive for sure.

Take the spotlight:

Lamps alter your workplace’s lightning and also serve as an attracting accent piece. Choose a lamp that best fits your personality. Lamps add to the beauty of the entire room as it reflects the shade as far its light reaches.

Paint it black! (Or any color):

Colors play a vital role in defining your personality. Each color has a meaning regarding marketing strategies where blue represents peace, orange promotes hunger, and white may or may not mean surrender. But in offices, colors play a role of mood swinger. For example, blue is used for cerebral work, green for a balanced mood, red for physical tasks, and yellow for creative thinking.

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