How to Choose a Good RAID Data Recovery Company for RAID System or Virtual Machine

Choose a Good RAID Data Recovery Company for RAID System or Virtual Machine

If you have lost data from your RAID system or Virtual Machine, looking for a good service of raid recovery provided by data recovery experts nyc can be quite challenging.

Remember that this service is hundreds or thousands of times more complex than recovering data from a simple HD. The work can involve many physical and logical layers to finally have access to the data:

  • Configuring multiple disks working in RAID
  • Different algorithms used by each manufacturer
  • Physical, electronic or logical damages in hard disks
  • Loss of controller configuration
  • Using iSCSI volumes
  • Multiple virtual machines running in the environment
  • Array corrupted or inaccessible RAID, etc.

A simple analogy would be to imagine an onion containing a pearl inside. The pearl will only be accessible if the layers of the onion are removed one by one without damaging them. If the person does something wrong, the layers can be damaged during the process and the pearl will be lost, sometimes forever.

Here are some tips to help you choose a good RAID and Virtual Machine data recovery company:

  • Word of mouth: Ask your colleagues if they have used this service. They will give you more reliable and realistic information.
  • Location: Being close is a convenience, because of sending devices to another city. But do not choose a company just because it is nearby.
  • Price: No a decisive criterion in choosing such a complex service. Price may be higher if disks are already opened.
  • Service with fixed value: Some companies offer fixed value without even doing the physical evaluation of the discs. This is impossible by the characteristics of this type of service.
  • Dismantling and assembling rate: Some companies usually charge this fee, even when there is no need for this type of procedure.
  • Telephone / electronic attendance: Call or send an email explaining your problem. See if the response received is detailed and professional or is vague and amateur.
  • Testimonials: Check the website if there’re good recommendations from clients already attended. Testimonials with actual customer or company data are more reliable.
  • Famous company logos: Be wary of companies with few real testimonials and dozens or hundreds of logos of famous companies like banks and multinational companies.
  • Multiple addresses: Having multiple addresses does not necessarily mean that a certain company is the greatest or best. Numerous addresses with pictures of modern and eye-catching buildings in prime areas may not be “real” laboratories.

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