Google Adwords: 6 Extension To Increase The Roi Of Your Campigons

Google Adwords: 6 Extension To Increase The Roi Of Your Campigons

Using relevant AdWords extensions enables organizations to improve their campaign performance without having to invest in an additional budget. By leveraging these extensions, it is possible to increase its click-through rate (CTR) and, therefore, optimize the profitability of your campaigns.

So what are the extensions needed to increase the ROI of Google AdWordscampaigns  ? This is our topic of the day.


The “Sitelinks” extension is one of the most important and visible extensions. Very effective, it optimizes your visibility and you get a much better ROI on your campaigns. Here is an example of an AdWords ad using this extension:

You notice that the size of the ad is much larger than a regular ad.

However, for the clicks generated by this extension to bring you qualified traffic , it is imperative to provide links to content with high added value. If possible, privilege a link to your landing pages which will allow you to collect the coordinates of the Internet users or to trigger an impulsive purchase.


By setting up a call extension, you can add a phone number to your ad. On mobile, it turns into a call button, which is even more effective. In addition to encouraging users to take action, you will be able to track calls received through your Adwords campaign.

So it’s a great way to calculate your ROI in more detail, taking into account the number of contacts that have turned into prospects or even customers.


With the hook extension, companies benefit from the opportunity to add a line of additional text with keywords. Generally, these give additional indications on your activity and your ancillary services (free delivery, satisfied or refunded, seen on TV …). It is the ideal place to enhance your business.

The hang extension allows the insertion of several keywords or phrases in the advertisement. To be effective, the arguments must be short and striking.


The extension of notice makes it possible to assert the credibility of a website, a company or a product. The opinions can come from a customer, a press article, a blogger …

The goal is to reassure potential customers about the seriousness and reliability of a brand or company. This element of reassurance will allow you to more easily pick up hesitant users.


For merchants possessing a physical store or businesses with a home, it is important to directly post their addresses in their Adwords links. When a user clicks on it, the search engine displays Google Maps. It can then verify the location of your business and create a route to get there more easily.

This option has the interests of increasing the physical traffic of companies, while generating visits on the website.


The price extension allows companies to include in their advertisements information on prices for their products and services. This extension has many advantages. It makes it possible, in particular, to avoid Internet users from clicking on the link when they are not interested in the offer. You may get fewer visits, but they will be much more qualified!

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