Feel like a kid again and get the latest tech gadgets at Hudson’s Bay.

latest tech gadgets

Go run errands or just cruise around the block in style with a SOLOGEAR Solo S1 Hoverboard from Hudson’s Bay. The flaming red color  will get you attention of onlookers. This hoverboard supports individuals of up to 120 kg. Feel the wind  hitting your face as you roll at 12 km/hr. This hoverboard is great for climbing at a 15 degree angle. With a battery life that lasts for up to 1000 cycles. No worries if the battery dies while  attempting to break your climbing record it will only takes 120 minutes to get a full charge. Plus, you can cruise on wet conditions this hoverboard is water-resistant. Made using only high quality materials for long lasting durability.

Capture fabulous images and print them right away with INSTAX Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone Printer from Hudson’s Bay. Print your images in less than 10 seconds to  share and save on your album. It’s compact to carry and have handy anytime and anywhere you go. INSTAX Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone Printer connects via WiFi to access your selected images in your mobile device. Now you can print your photographer-quality images from your social media. INSTAX Instax Share SP-2 Smartphone Printer produces high definition images that are clear without missing a detail.

Get into virtual reality to find out if it delivers its promise. For beginners Kikkerland Virtual Reality Glasses from Hudson’s a Bay is a great inexpensive option. These glasses turn a smartphone into a 3D environment. All you need is to place your smartphone inside the cardboard glasses and you’ll be immersed into another world. These cardboard virtual reality glasses will fit any smartphone.

Have fun playing with the smallest drone and opt for TEENY Drones TD001-BL World’s Smallest Drone from Hudson’s Bay. Looks defy this small design drone is packed with lots of fun and excitement. Very sturdy and durable drone is appropriate for all ages. Get in control and enjoy a long and stable range without having any  issues. Prepare to fly your drone high in the air and attempt  360 degrees  flips using your controller. Best of all, the compact design means you can take it anywhere and showcase your flying skills.

Reach for  the stars, discover the wonders of the sky and see the moon closer  with Sharper Image Space Navigator Star Finding Telescope from Hudson’s Bay. You’ll enjoy a unique view not experience by anyone else. Rotate your telescope and focus to view more details of the planets. All you need to do is mount your smartphone to get an accurate  and close-up view of the space. The mount will hold your smartphone securely. Plus, no need to assemble anything this telescope comes pre assembled and  ready to use. Get ready to host stargazing nights to share  with others. A very portable telescope anywhere you go.

Get one-of-a-kind tech gadgets at Hudson’s Bay to play solo or with others.

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