Equifax: Resignation Of A Dedicated CEO Since 2017

Equifax: Resignation Of A Dedicated CEO Since 2017

The scandal around the piracy of the company Equifax in the United States has been around the world in a few days. In the first week of September , the company announced that it had been hacked and that data for 143 million people had been compromised. Across the United States, this represents 44% of consumers. At the level of France, it is more than twice the population.

Beyond the numerous means put in place subsequently not the company to accompany its customers in the protection of their data, some drifts have taken place. Indeed, senior executives of the firm have sold a share of their shares. These three people acted with full knowledge because they were aware of the security breach that had taken place. In addition, they disposed of their shares before a public announcement was made, then entering into insider denial. Hat.

For his part, Richard Smith, CEO of Equifax since 2005 has finally made his apron, probably under pressure from shareholders. The share at $ 142 on September 7 dropped to $ 92 on September 15. It is now $ 106, still far from its value before the lighting of the hack.

“The cybersecurity incident has affected millions of consumers, and I have been fully committed to making this happen. At this point, I believe it is in the best interest of the company to have a new leadership to make it move forward, “Richard Smith said in a statement .

Today, the cybersecurity issues are such that bosses can lose their jobs for a ‘simple’ breach. Everything will depend on its importance, but the financial results are in any case no longer the only factor to be taken into account. While Deloitte faces a sensitive data leak , are we entering an era of piracy & dismissal?


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