Create Your Facebook Ad With Facebook Lead’s Ads By Hubspot

Create Your Facebook Ad With Facebook Lead's Ads By Hubspot

On Facebook, there are different ways to advertise. You can “boost” the scope of one of your publications, create a display campaign or even make retargeting. From now on, it is also possible to harvest leads directly from the social network . The principle is to propose an advertising format that deploys a form to be filled under the action of a CTA. Pre-populated with the information provided on the social network, this new advertising format is undoubtedly an opportunity to “boost” your acquisition of qualified leads.


Recently, Hubspot announced that it was now possible to integrate this Facebook advertising format directly from your Hubspot interface. This is very good news for Hubspot users, because it is no longer necessary to manually export and import your generated contacts into your Hubspot database. You can directly analyze your ads from your dashboard and compare the performance of your Facebook Ads campaigns with your other acquisition channels.

Hubspot also offers smart forms that fill automatically with data that users have saved on Facebook. A predictive selection that dramatically increases the conversion rate of your campaigns.


To create your first Facebook ad with Hubspot, you must follow this process:

1) Go to “Advertisements”

2) From your traditional account, business or company, go to “Content” then “Advertisements”.

3) Click on “Create an ad”

cebook lead's ads 2

4) In the dialog box, click the drop-down menu and select the Facebook page you want to connect to HubSpot Ads and click continue.

cebook lead's ads 3

5) Create the form that will appear when visitors click on your ad

6) Select the fields that should appear on your form. By default you will find the “Email” and “Name” fields. Click “Show More Options” to add additional fields.

7) Enter a URL in the “Thank You Page” field to bring your visitors to your site once they have filled out the form.

8) Enter a URL for your privacy policy in the field. This requires creating a field and your link will appear with Facebook’s default privacy clause.

9) You can then preview your form on the right side of your dialog box. Once you have created your form, click Next.

10) Create the title, text, image, and  call-to-action  of your advertisement in the “creative content” section of the advertisement. You can see a preview of your advertisement on the right.

11) Scroll down to the “Audience” section to determine which visitors you want to target with your ad or click the “Radio” button to retrieve a target audience already created.

12) Next, scroll down to set your budget, duration and payment options:

13) Set your average daily budget. Note that the actual amount spent per day may vary, depending on the opportunities for results each day. A minimum of $ 5 is recommended. If you have not budgeted before, you can observe the estimated number of people reached to give you an order of scale.

14) Determine the length of your advertising. You can use the 7/14/28 days buttons to quickly choose the duration of one, two, or three weeks, or click “Broadcast this ad to” to choose a custom time.

15) Check the total price of your advertisement at the bottom of the section Budget and duration

16) Below Payment, select the currency in which you wish to be deducted. Your budget and the total price will be directly updated in the currency of your choice.

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