Consumer Guide to Movavi Video Editor for Editing Your Videos

Movavi Video Editor for Editing Your Videos

Many video cameras do not come with a video editing software that is compatible with Apple computer so it is necessary for you to get a third party video editor for your Mac computer. If you are editing videos for personal purposes, a basic movie maker software such as Movavi Video Editor for Mac will fit your need

Movavi movie maker for Mac computer is available for download as a 30 days trials through the Movavi site. The software is designed to provide the best user experience in mind. Most of the video editing tasks can be done with easy interactions on the screen such as drag and drop, dragging a slider, or clicking a button. Before you can edit your video, you must click the Add Media Files button or drag the video to the timeline area to open it.

If you want the video to have some music, you just have to drag the background soundtrack file to the timeline. There are 18 preset tunes for you to choose from. The sound effect library features sound effects like applause, and laughter. You can add multiple soundtracks to the timeline. In the timeline, you can switch places of the clips by dragging and dropping them in the desired position.

From the tool bar above, you can use tools like scissor, crop, and rotate to edit the video. For example, if you want to trim a video, you must first select the video clip by clicking it once. Next, you must move the line to the point where you want to trim and click on the scissor button.

If you want to crop a video, you must first select the crop button and then click to select the clip. A crop fame will appear and you are to expand or reduce it to crop as much outer areas as you want. To rotate a video, you simply select the rotate button and then click on the clip as many times as you want until it rotates to the desired orientation.

The magic enhance feature which is accessible from the settings allows you to make some slight improvement on the video quality. For example, dragging the brightness slider will add lighting to the proper places in the video if the video was shot in poor lighting condition. The stabilization feature can stabilize a shaky video and make all the details look clearer.

In the T tab, you can browse from a long list of creative animated titles to add to your video. If you like the title style, you simply drag it to the area above the clip and let go when you see the plus symbol. When the title is added to the timeline, you must double click it to enter the desired text into the text block on the preview area.

In the transition tab, you can spice up your video with different types of transition styles. If you want a transition to appear in between the clips, you will have to add them to the narrow grey space in between the two clips Once you have edited your video, you can press the play button to preview it. The last step is to save the video on your Mac by clicking the export button. In the save dialog box, you must choose an appropriate video format and enter the preferred saving destination.

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