Color Markiting: A Formidable Weapon To Boost Your Conversion Rate

Color Markiting: A Formidable Weapon To Boost Your Conversion Rate

In July 2001, Heinz experienced changing the color of his logo on Ketchup bottles from red to green. As a result of the races, the brand sold an additional 10 million bottles in 7 months, representing a $ 23 million increase in sales compared to the previous year.

As you can imagine, this sudden increase in sales is obviously not a coincidence. The choice of the visual identity of a company, and more particularly the colors that compose it, is indeed the fruit of a thorough reflection. Intended to capture the attention of your future clients , they must convey at a glance your company’s flagship values and create emotion to encourage a move to the act.

To help you better understand this phenomenon, today we will focus on 40 surprising facts about color philosophy , and its use within the framework of Inbound marketing.


  • Getting an idea about a product takes 90 seconds.
  • Between 62% and 90% of this judgment is solely based on colors.
  • The impression left by the color is responsible for 60% of the decision to purchase or not a product.
  • Color allows 80% recognition of a brand.
  • For 84.7% of consumers, color is the main element that determines the purchase of a product.
  • 2/3 of consumers do not buy appliances if the model does not exist in the desired color.
  • 93 consumers consider that the visual aspect is the first factor influencing their decision to purchase.
  • 42% of consumers make an opinion of a site by observing the design.
  • 52% of consumers do not come back because of its look.
  • The colors of the action button increase by 6.5% the number of products added to the basket.
  • The color of the action button increases on average by 9% the conversion rate
  • The action button colors increase the conversion rate of mobile users by 13.5%.
  • In general, the red, orange, and green buttons get the best conversion rates.

Far from being a detail, a reflective selection of colors on your website, and more broadly on your logos, visuals and communication media will enable you to significantly boost your conversion rate . To help you identify the preferred colors, we invite you to consult our A / B testing article . This practice will allow you to compare the performances obtained with two different colors, and thus, to select the most suitable.

Finally, if you have any questions or need to be accompanied, do not hesitate to contact our team .

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