Billdu Software: All in One solution to your Invoicing Problems

Billdu Software

There’s no invoicing software better than the Billdu professional invoice maker, it is fast and simple, looks professional, and it take minutes to produce an invoice, a second more to send it to the client, and it can be used by multiple admins. Also, whenever the client views your invoice, it will let you know the time it is seen. There are over 50,000 Billdu subscribers and increasing; the software has been used by 80,000+ businesses for their professional needs and they are satisfied with the uninterrupted cloud services of the company.

There’s a free trial to use the software with no credit card required to run trial version. All you need to do is put in your email details and get signed in to Billdu, choose from the templates and write a sample invoice; it will take a couple of minutes for an all-professional business invoice. The software can be signed in from iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Android smartphones/tablets. For a small business, all you need is compactness and accessibility to all your devices wherever you go, no need to call your accountant or a business partner to sort it out, you can do it through a smartphone, laptop, or iPad effortlessly.

Other Features

There are multiple great features no other invoicing software can ever think of; it is simple to understand and easy to use. the invoicing procedure is easy as a cake piece. The expense management system is secure and messes free. It scans receipts and attaches to the related invoicing file providing a great expenditure sheet. You can use it anywhere, while walking, at home, or traveling, the mobile app has all the features to use the software. There are embedded PayPal, credit card, and Debit card options on invoicing template that will make payment easier for clients with “Pay Button” at the bottom. Whenever your invoice is opened and seen by clients, you will be notified through an email or a pop-up screen on mobile.

The app dashboard has got more than enough short tabs, be it an overview, expenses, total balance, or unpaid invoices, all can be seen on the dashboard. The recurring invoices can easily be made by automatic invoice creation feature by  it saves a couple of minutes it takes to create an invoice and a hefty time spent to find the previous invoicing record, this feature is a life saver for many businessmen. In addition, image attachments to every invoice are easy, snap it and tuck the snap to the required invoice folder. If you have an accountant, make him/her an administrator with limited roles and send or receive documents with ease. Billdu is compatible with 16 different languages and as many currencies, be it a Japanese Yen, a Pakistani Rupee, or a Riyal. The offline mode helps create invoices when offline, the software automatically uploads all the offline data to its secured servers when the internet connection becomes available. The customer care and service are responsive and helpful, they will never sit back until your problem is rectified; there’s a feedback column for your clients on the invoice, it helped many businesses rectify their glitches, helped bridge the business-to-client gap.

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