Automatic Quotation: A Boost In Commercial Productivity

Automatic Quotation: A Boost In Commercial Productivity

If your company operates in BtoB with a modular offer a little complex or which needs to be adapted according to the context of the prospect , you have certainly noticed that the rendering of your commercial offers is either a little craft or your salesmen are completely absorbed by the administrative tasks connected with the formalization of tenders. Is it a fatality? More 


According to organizations, the tasks of salespeople are extremely variable. They are able to carry out prospecting actions (telephone, Linkedin, social networks …), to work on marketing leads , to handle incoming requests … To these tasks that aim to connect the company to business opportunities ‘adds the management of the commercial relationship of the identified leads, the continuation of the sales process and finally the administrative management that is attached to it. Between reporting, issuing quotes and other validations, the workload can quickly explode. But is it productive? Does the salesperson work on good leads? Is it quick and easy to issue a suitable offer? What is the time spent by your sales people to issue quotes? Are they impactful for your prospects?


To gain scalability and find the path to growth, it is important that your business strategy is clear, transposable and easy to convey. This does not necessarily mean that you can not have custom commercial offers. The goal is to maintain a certain logic, a spine that supports every business proposition. Avoid placing your sales teams in situations where the phrases “it depends”, “must see”, “must validate” become their key responses. This would completely get your teams out of their effective business cadre. To reinforce this standardization, try to create a representative catalog of your products and services, listing all the variants available with clear tariffs, terms and conditions, adapted to the situation of the prospect. Your sales people will spend less time thinking and more time to sell!


If your business strategy is clear and documented, like your range of services or products, you can easily standardize the offer and create semi-automated quotes templates . The idea is to import all your offer and its variants into a computer tool.  It will allow your teams to issue quotes in a few clicks where this task could take several hours before. With a well-parameterized and intelligent commercial generation tool, here is the commercial process that could be yours:

  • The salesperson succeeds in picking up the added value of your business to a prospect likely to be interested in your offer. The bond of trust is thus established.
  • The budget, decision-maker and timeline of the project are known and validated on both sides. The commercial offer is explained, understood and validated by the prospect decision maker.
  • Since its CRM, the commercial creates a quote from a standard template . He then informs the variants and the modalities from a computerized options catalog. The commercial offer is then edited and completed automatically with information present in the CRM(name, first name, account, address …). The commercial verifies the offer and the address to the prospect in one click by mail.
  • The prospect signs the offer directly by electronic means.

Conclusion, your salespeople increase productivity and quickly release clear quotes, easy to explain and defend. Exit the powerpoint or the approximate word. The rendering is fast, reassuring and engaging, thus establishing a relationship of trust for the next steps. By making the prospect experience pleasant and professional, you drastically increase to make one of your customers!

To go a step further or to see concretely what such an approach can bring to your company, do not hesitate to contact our team to discover the Pandadoc application  ! With enhanced business productivity you will also be able to add increased rate of success and decrease in sales cycle, thanks to electronic signature features. Let’s go ?

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