A Close Look into The Developing Robot Economy.

A Close Look into The Developing Robot Economy.

Whether we admit it or not, we have all had that thought of robots filling up the world and taking over, making us their subjects. This kind of thinking is probably what comes in mind when the term robot economy is brought up.

While robot economy does involve robots working for humans and with humans, it does not necessarily mean the takeover of the world by robots. It simply means the input of roots, bothin terms of the physical robotic systems, as well as the artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced software systems.

Even though the robots are expected to be put in use and replace much of the work that is currently done by humans, the kind that will replace most of the human labor is the AI-enhanced software.

In the next 20 years, there is a possibility that 47 percent of the jobs which are currently done by humans will be transformed into automated jobs, according to researchers based at the Oxford University. Due to this development, there is a fear that even jobs that will not become automated will not be able to keep up with the magnitude of automation that is set to take place. This means therefore, that these other jobs will need automation as well.For more information go on www.universal-robots.com.

The robot economy will save rather than destroy the economy

Some people have argued however, that rather than take over and destroy the economy, robotic systems will end up saving our economy. For one, software and robots are significantly cheaper than human labor, and once they have been bought and the initial cost has been catered for, then maintenance and operation is quite inexpensive.

There are measures that are currently being worked on, which are meant to counter the effects of automation once they are put in place. Some of them involve creating a basic income for payees that could take care of their needs, as well as a robot tax which will be used in funding of the program.

Automation is likely to create room for creative skills

Automation may not be such a bad thing when we look at it from other angles. When we get AI systems and robots to do our jobs for us, then it just means that we will have the time to do other activities that machines simply cannot be programed to do.

Even though it seems that there is not much that can actually be done once the era of automation comes about, it is common knowledge that if given the opportunity, a lot of people who go through formal education would rather work on their individual skills and use them to pay their bills.

So even if a robot will be used in an industry for the assembly part of production, skilled artisans will be in charge of the tiny details that need human labor for instance customized trim work like hand crafting of leather and the two tone paint kind of jobs, among many other industrial skills that need the human touch.

More people will pursue higher levels of education

On the bright side, there will definitely be the need to improve the education levels in order to catch up with the unprecedented technology, that is set to take place in the near future due to the robot economy.

Even in places where physical robots will not take over, people might still need to go back to school, just so that they can get conversant with the advanced technology.It is quite undeniable that robotics is a sector that will grow very rapidly and investors are going to take advantage of the economic developments that can only be realized through automated systems.

The robotic evolution is going to come with jobs that will be necessary, and only suitable for humans, and it is therefore important; for us to equip ourselves with skills that will be relevant, as well as transform the way in which we educate our work force, if we are to be compatible with the newly created jobs. Either way, we cannot avoid the robot economy which will soon take over.

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