6 Essential Tools To Optimize Your Natural Seo

6 Essential Tools To Optimize Your Natural Seo

If you regularly check out our blog posts, the terms “Google Friendly” , internal mesh or meta-description are not unknown to you. Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ant job that requires effective tools to achieve long-term results.

Because we want to simplify the task, we have put together a list of 6 of the best tools to optimize your SEO strategy .

But, before getting into the heart of the matter, let’s remember why it is so important to look after your SEO.


The optimization of natural referencing refers to all the techniques that consist in improving the visibility of the web pages of a site in the results of search engines.

According to the OnCrawl site , the first 5 search results represent 2 clicks out of 3 and 89% of the users do not even visit the second page of results.

The conclusion is therefore without appeal: having a badly referenced web site considerably reduces your chances of attracting new interested prospects. Conversely, developing an SEO strategy will make your website step up in results on queries relevant to your business , and it will be all the more complicated for your competitors to dislodge it.

In addition to greatly improving the visibility of your site, SEO can drain targeted traffic to your web pages. It will therefore be less difficult to convert this audience afterwards, especially on specific requests (long trail).

To do this, there are usually 3 SEO action fields:

  • Optimization on-page (quality of the content, URL, structure of the page, …)
  • Optimization off-page (meshing, netlinking, …)
  • Technical optimization (loading time, mobile friendly, …)

If the optimization of your natural referencing is compulsory and often complex, there are several tools that make it easier for you.

Here is our selection of 6 essential tools to boost your SEO strategy .


Analysis of the keywords of your site, those of your competitors, evolution of your positions, follow-up of your backlinks, those of your competitors, suggestions of keywords to integrate on your pages … These tools cover a large part of the needs of the SEOs. Follow the guide.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider: 
Screaming Frog is a free software used forsite crawling
web. It allows you to explore web site URLs and browse through the architecture of a site. It allows you to list the URLs, internal and external links, images, or the CSS and JavaScripts files of a site. You can use Screaming Frog toorganize your silos, identify your broken links, manage redirects, manage your HTML tags in duplicate, … Beware however, the free version is limited to 500 URLs per crawl.

Yoast  :
Yoast SEO, formerly known as “WordPress Plugins by Yoast SEO,” is theeasiest-to-useSEO pluginthat exists for WordPress. Using an extract editor and a real-time page analysis functionality, it helps you tooptimize your SEO on-pageby organizing your tags (title, description, …), content (indexing) and Sitemaps. It even suggests areas for improvement, page by page. 

Google Keyword Planner: 
The Keyword Planner is a must-have tool for all digital marketing professionals. True to its wealth of information, this keyword planning toolanalyzes trends based onGoogle’s ecosystem searches. It provides directly exploitable data onkeyword search volumesbased on geographic targeting and selected categories. Beware, first designed for AdWords users, this tool is open to everyone but now reserves accurate statistics of search volumes to its big customers.

Google Search Console: 
The Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is a free tool tomonitor and optimize Google search results for your own website. Among the features offered, the GSC allows you to track the progress of indexing your pages, to test your robots.txt file, to track your backlinks, your appearance on Google Search and to be informed of security issues on your site. site. Finally,Google suggests several technical optimizations, prioritized according to their degree of criticality.

Developed by the leader of natural SEO Moz, the MozBar is anextension for web browser SEO analysis browser. When you view an internet page, this kit releases real-time metrics on the page’s authority, its SPAM score and the tags used. Plus: By enabling this extension from a Google search results page, youget metrics directly on eachproposedpageto compare with each other.

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