3 Secrets to Better Video Marketing

3 Secrets to Better Video Marketing

Video is the way forward for digital marketers and businesses trying to gain more exposure. More users are enjoying video content than ever before; improved video sharing platforms and better internet connectivity, in general, are among the reasons why video marketing is quickly becoming a prominent digital marketing instrument today.

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As the landscape becomes more crowded, simply releasing videos isn’t enough. Your video content needs to have the ability to wow the audience and capture your viewers’ attention. This means boosting your video production values and fine-tuning the key messages you share through your videos. The secrets we are about to discuss in this article will help you get started with better video marketing.

Up the Production Value

Upping the production value of your videos doesn’t always mean increasing your budget. It simply means improving the overall quality of your videos to make them stand out from the crowd. Upgrading your camera equipment – and investing a lot of money – isn’t the only way to move forward.

You can improve your production values by improving the lighting used in your videos. You can also invest in audio gear to make the audio of your video content much, much better. Audio is 50% of the battle and you’ll be surprised by how much better your videos will be when the audio is improved.

Visual effects are also great for adding that wow factor to your videos. Even better, the best visual effects are now accessible through select tools and plugins for your favourite video editing software. If you are a Final Cut Pro user, for instance, you have a wide range of FCPX plugins for adding visual effects to your videos in just a couple of steps.

Refine Your Stories

Storytelling sits at the core of video marketing. Similar to other forms of content, the visuals in video content production are tools you use to tell a story. You may be able to wow the audience with great visuals, but a good story (or stories) is what makes them stay and return for more.

Stop producing videos that talk about your products and services all the time. You want your videos to be genuinely compelling to the audience, and the way to do that is by adding compelling stories to the videos. To refine your stories, find a personal point of view and try to put yourself and your brand in the viewers’ shoes.

Consistency Is Key

Last but certainly not least, you need to start maintaining consistency if you really want your video marketing campaign to be successful. Instead of releasing a couple of videos at once and not publishing anything for a few weeks after that, schedule your posts and release them regularly.

This kind of consistency is what the audience expects. Once they know to expect a new video every other Tuesday, for example, they will regularly check back for new content. You will also get higher user engagement as a reward for your consistency. Paired with the other two secrets we covered in this article, achieving video marketing success will be easy to do.

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